Thermal Imaging Surveys

Electrical thermal imaging is the most established application for thermography. Electrical thermography is useful as there is no other preventive maintenance technology or method that can identify electrical issues such as poor connections, over loaded cables, circuits and faulty electrical equipment as safely and as effectively.

Thermal cameras are an extremely effective tool for testing electrical systems for component damage, excessive heat and for ensuring overall system efficiency. They can be used absolutely everywhere from domestic installations to testing inside complex distribution systems, making them an incredibly versatile testing tool.

Everything from common electrical distribution boards to complex electrical systems running industrial-grade machinery rely on their components and the safe introduction of electricity into the system in order to run efficiently. Component breakdown or inefficiently running electrical systems can be both a costly process due to the amount of excess power used and can also result in an electrical system becoming increasingly unsafe to be utilised.

Using thermal imaging, our engineers can accurately identify existing faults with an electrical installation, as well as predict potential future issues that could save lives.